Progress in a Prescription Crisis?

For some long time there has been a battle of opinions of who created the opioid crisis and who continued to fuel it. Thousands of cities, nearly every US State and even some Native American Tribes are amongst those seeking compensation from OxyContin’s creator Purdue for damage caused by the drug. The OxyContin maker and its owners, the Sacklers, have been under extreme financial pressure to settle the cases and have tried to reach a comprehensive settlement that would be implemented by filing for bankruptcy. An extreme move? They managed to enlist half of the States and lawyers who represent governments to sign on to a deal the company values at about $10 billion, which includes between $3 billion and $4.5 billion from the Sacklers, and the donation of addiction-treatment drugs in development. Purdue will continue operations as a trust set up to benefit the plaintiffs. They will continue as a Trust setup to benefit the plaintiffs.

The difficulty of this particular situation in my opinion is that there should be a certain amount of responsibility applied at prescriber and user level. It has been known for some long time that opioids are highly addictive and as such this should be kept in mind when thinking about long term pain management. OxyContin was created as an extended-release opioid designed to last 12 hours, when it was introduced in 1996. Public-health advocates say an increase in prescription-drug addiction gave way to abuse of street drugs like heroin and fentanyl as legal painkillers became less frequently available.

It is sad to think that the masking of one problem has created another, but that is the sad fact, painkillers don’t actually solve the problem they merely numb the pain which stops you from doing other things. The created problem being addiction to prescription drugs which lead to a new gateway of illegal street drugs the dangers then become a whole different world.

There needs to be more cohesive guidelines for all concerned and a commitment to reducing the number of people on controlled drugs its simply insane that people have been prescribed these drugs and are now struggling with an addiction.

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