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The concept of looking in a mirror and seeing inside ourselves from the reflection is an interesting one, although we look do we actually see what’s inside or do we see a filtered view. Its clear that neither trolls or victims look in the mirror or if they do they seem to see a normal person. Going viral can be a wonderful thing for the user that started it, the fame, the fortune and the attention, but think carefully how much you want it, it can backfire mercilessly sure it’ll be over in a couple of months, but can you hack it until then?

It fascinates me how people take the bait when provoked, the uproar surrounding Post Malone’s ‘discovery’ of Ozzy Osborne, I can almost hand on heart say that 90% of the people making light of it are purely doing it for a reaction, one user congratulated his friend for a potentially viral tweet, what the poster actually observed was 95% of people losing their shit in the comments rather than retweeting and laughing about it. Probably not what he had expected but to be honest he entirely underestimated the force that is millennial’s love of the Prince of Darkness, when you are brought up with an icon such as him its difficult not to be protective against peoples ignorance. The irony in my eyes is that I’ve literally no idea who Post Modern was until today, so its more of a reverse reaction ‘who tf is Post Modern and how did he get Ozzy to perform with him’ largely because we know hes advanced in age and has literally forgotten more than Post Moderns had hot dinners.

There are plenty of millennials also discussing Ozzy’s reaction which generally goes along the lines of ‘wtf is Twitter Sharon?’ which might be a tad unkind but it is funny. I think its great that Ozzys legend continues through the ages, I just hope that the new generation pay attention long enough to learn something. His humble beginnings to galactic stardom might not have been obvious in the beginning but they should be by now, hes made a few mistakes but hes also given back as well, he has a number of charities on his website which he is involved with.

Either way its an amusing outcry and free publicity for everyone, plus as we all know next week itll be something else.

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