Paws Free Portrait Mode?

One of the new features announced by Apple recently for the iPhone 11 is the Pet Portrait mode, i’m hoping that means paws-free ability for pet selfies, but I highly doubt it. The general consensus on Twitter is that it already has a normal portrait mode, surely that is the same? Who can blame them, it is true after all.

It also boasts 3 cameras spiking another interesting issue with those who suffer from trypophobia, a fear of irregular patterns, Apple decided a |- shape would be the best formation, there are plenty who don’t.

Were Apple to know about this? I don’t suppose for a moment that the product development team thought about how people felt about the shape of the configuration, they were thinking about the perfect arrangement for the cameras. This is not to say that these things should be dismissed, the issues have been raised and Apple can hopefully use this as constructive feedback for next time.

We are so attached to our phones they are almost an extension of ourselves, the theme representing our mood and the ringtone our personality.

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