Changing Seasons

So technically fall or autumn doesn’t start until the 21st of September but lets face it the weather has been changing, it’s chillier and its been really wet here. The change in seasons is always an interesting one, people say oh it seems to come earlier each year, but does it? Scientists have said the seasons are actually later and finishing earlier, which might attribute to that idea of it being early, presumably because it was late in the first place. In 2018 there was the results of a study showing spring arriving 16 days early in the arctic than it did 10 years ago, which somewhat muddies the first answer, if its late starting it cant be early surely.

Autumn is the beginning of stews, spicy hot chocolate and things for the cold weather. It can also be oddly warm, in the UK we seem to more recently be experiencing the late or Indian summers which carry through most of September. Confusing if you are trying to prepare for winter, which is often more extreme after a late summer. It will be interesting to see if the predictions for the UK are correct and we do have a warm September and cold winter as currently cant see that its likely.

The conkers picture is a reminder of an old wives tale of keeping them in a bowl to ward off spiders, you are meant to place them in the corner of the room, as it stands I still have a growing collection of spiders moving into the house and the conkers are still there.

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