Three Paths

Luke Margetts Artist 3 headed cobra.
fine line pens and brushmarkers on a4 200gms paper.

When Luke showed this picture to me for the first time I was fascinated by the detail, he later remarked how he had forgotten that snakes require so much detail in order to make them look like one rather than just a coloured wiggly worm. The use of pencil as a base followed by the pen over the top allows the detail to really ‘pop’ off the page. Find out more about Luke and his art here.

To me the three heads represent three different paths you might choose from, whether it be life or a simple decision, there will always be a positive, a negative and the fence. How this works is dependant on your mindset because a positive one will never entertain the other two and vice versa. From the fence position it is difficult to progress because you are not sending a clear message to the universe either way, but for some it can be the easiest option, making their life easier, the same could be said for the negative path, they say it takes the same amount of effort to be positive as it does to be negative, so why not be positive?

Don’t be surprised if this picture pops up again, I feel it inspiring a new piece of my own.

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