What Lies Without

She stared up at the ceiling it was dark but that was more comforting than if she could see every detail, the corners disappeared into nothingness, her eye caught a glint of some thing as her eyes scanned down the wall. It was an intricate clock, which covered most of the wall, they said it was linked to the door, it had the power to send you places you’ve always wanted to go. People rarely came back for they often found true happiness, the kind of happiness that supersedes everything you thought you knew. They said you will find your true passion if you are ready. The door will show you what you need to see whether you like it or not. Then there was the door itself, the lock was large – despite the keyhole you didn’t need a key – putting your hand on the handle was enough. It wouldn’t just open, it when it was your time, many people tried their curiosity getting the better of them. Dismayed that the door wouldn’t open they were resentful, rumours started circulating of how you needed special powers, not realising that all they had to do was wait until they were ready.

Everyone’s path is unique to them, sure they will cross with others, that’s part of the rich tapestry of life.

She stared at the door as she had many times before, unsure if today was the day or if it would be another trip back home to try again. She wanted so desperately to be ready this time, little did she know that this was the very thing keeping her back. The desire to find her true calling was greater than the need for her to realise how little she knew about herself, the door tried to explain this by repeatedly not opening, but the message was lost in translation. As she reached towards the door once more she stopped, she thought about how many times before she found herself in this situation, how many more was she prepared to do? Then she realised, she needed to ask herself what she wanted, she had assumed that the door would tell her what she wanted, but this was not the case. As she retreated she wondered why she hadn’t realised before, it was because she didn’t want to accept that the road to true happiness comes from within and knowing what was right for you even if it wasn’t right for everyone else. She couldn’t believe it was that simple but the door had shown her, it had finally broken through, now it was up to her, to decide, what was most important to her.

The journey had only just begun, the door would wait until she was ready to return, she would be back sooner than she thought.

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