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Nothing surprises me anymore, the worlds politicians disregard for human rights is disgusting – they are the ones representing our rights, voting people into power we believe can make our lives better with manifestos making promises they will never keep.

Then there are the ‘migrant’ camps in the USA, akin to the situation in Guantanamo bay, dirty facilities where people are abused and degraded. A republican visits to investigate claims of being forced to drink from a toilet. To give context to this claim the toilet actually has a water fountain attached to it (how this could possibly be sanitary is beyond me, not even prison is like that). Said republican videos himself drinking from the fountain and posts it on Twitter along with a comment along the lines of ‘I tried the water and it was lovely, I cant see what the complaint is.’ An ignorant approach to a serious sanitary issue, of course the water tastes ok from the tap it was meant to be drunk from, I would suggest he tries drinking from the bowl and see how it tastes then. He also made a few passive aggressive comments to news readers for highlighting something he doesn’t deem as a problem, and of course the trolls of Twitter are on hand to put him firmly back in his place.

Justification of his actions.

The only solace we can take from this is that said republican is being ostracised from his own party for his extreme right-wing and white supremacist views, despite being praised by Donald Trump as “the most conservative man”. He will soon be standing alone, pressure from social media has initiated a change in power, the people can make people accountable for their actions whether it be through petitions and lobbying or mass exposure, Twitter has enabled this.

Whilst I do not advocate trolling, this makes you no better than those you are abusing, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and cannot be stopped from expressing it however it is not an opportunity to bully them for their thoughts and opinions. Opinions are like arseholes everyone has one but you don’t need to share it. The best thing Twitter could have done in this case is simply not given him the time of day, he is simply doing it for attention and with the Presidential election coming up next year you can see why he has shifted his gears up a notch. As I have previously mentioned though he will be standing alone as his party have disowned him, no one wants to be associated with that behaviour it loses more votes than it gains through isolating their existing voters and potential new ones.

King, who has been praised by Donald Trump as possibly “the world’s most conservative human being”, has sponsored a bill to ban abortion including in cases of rape and incest. Republican leaders, who earlier this year stripped King of his committee assignments after the congressman defended white supremacists, have mothballed the bill.
In an interview with the New York Times published in January, King rhetorically said “white nationalist, white supremacist, western civilization – how did that language become offensive?”
That comment led Republicans in Congress to remove King from committees and a political action committee to defeat him was launched in Iowa.

The Guardian 14/08/2019

You would like to hope that Iowa state would not want someone like this in charge but when you look at his opponent and the fact that he has actually been elected, and the other republican candidate is frankly no better, we are looking at a very sorry situation for women’s rights to abortion and a number of other serious human rights issues.

I say it often enough – we live in a world where change can be brought through awareness and coming together to stand up to politicians, we control the vote to a certain extent so we can control which lesser of several evils will be given power. The key is to use your vote effectively, you cannot not vote and then complain about the state of the country you live in as that is the definition of hypocrisy.

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