A Step in the Right Direction

After a serious incident we finally have news on movement on the availability of guns and ammunition, its early days and definitely baby steps but Walmart today announced their decision to stop the sale of ammunition in all their stores and asked that people do not openly carry a gun in any of their stores including the ones in states in which open carry is permitted.

This however small is a momentous step in the fight to reduce gun crime and mass shootings, with the statistics in the USA higher than ever its imperative that something is done.

In a statement they acknowledged their position as a long established brand:

Walmart represents about 2% of the market for guns today, the company said for the first time recently. Walmart believes it is not among the top three gun sellers in the industry, but it estimates it has about a 20% market share of ammunition sales. There is no simple solution as they say but steps can be taken to reduce risks, when ammunition was openly available in a supermarket one has to question how seriously the issue was being taken. This is not to say that people wont be able to get their ammunition elsewhere but at least there will be nearly 5000 less places it will be available.

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