Comedy and Tragedy 2019

I watched the new Dave Chapelle comedy special last on Netflix it was epic, I laughed the whole way through.

Searching through the trending topics today I came across an article in USA Today about him. I was amazed to discover his generosity knows no bounds, organising a benefit for the victims of a shooting in Dayton, Ohio – Gem City Shine was a huge success with legendary musicians supporting an important local cause. There was a chance for points to be made and the local Mayor was in attendance to listen. Over 100,000 people attended from inside and the surrounding area of the venue.

Three weeks ago, the community area woke on a Sunday morning to learn a lone gunman had shot and killed 9 people in the Oregon District and injured 27 others.  The shooting lasted 32 life-changing seconds.

USA Today 26 August 2019

We can but hope that continued pressure calling for gun law reform that the US government will consider it. There has now been more mass shootings than number of weeks so far this year, what will it take to instigate change? 290 dead and 1121 injured this year alone, the numbers speak painfully for themselves.

All we can do is raise awareness and push for a change in education.

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