Forest Fires

It is distressing to learn that the Amazon is aflame, especially as the scale which has been increasing since 2013 is now reaching critical point. Governments blaming local organisations for setting the fires due to cut funding is a ridiculous reaction. It is odd to think that this would be a knee jerk reaction when they have already blamed farmers for some of the fires earlier in the year. The rain forest by its very virtue is to a certain extent fire proof, this is as long as it remains moist and humid, but recently droughts and human activity have increased the numbers of fires dramatically. Previous Governments in Brazil have fined companies successfully in the past to reduce deforestation but its clear that the current Government are not interested in continuing the good work and are allowing the rain forest to be destroyed by carelessness.

The indigenous Amazonian people are in danger, although the topic is not trending on Twitter it still seems to be fairly popular, despite is now having gone on for three weeks and can be seen from space. This is now a crisis point, farmers use this method as a way of clearing land and although there are some trees like Sequoias which are helped by the fire as it burns away dead branches and leaves giving way for the new younger trees to shine through, this is unfortunately not the case in the Amazon, the statistics I am reading on Google are mind blowing, the shear amount of deforestation in an area which is one of our most environmentally important parts of the world you cannot expect the world to not suffer if we take away one of our only sources of cleaning the atmosphere. Global warming maybe a myth to some but it will become obvious soon enough that their disbelieve has contributed to the general degradation of the earth. You can see in the picture from USA Today below, its heart breaking to think there is an entire ecosystem at risk of complete extinction

This true-color image was captured by the VIIRS sensor onboard NOAA-20, which provides daily, high-resolution visible and infrared images of Earth’s atmosphere from across the globe. In this image, taken by NOAA-20, the smoke from these fires can be clearly seen.
NOAAImage: USAToday.com

From the outside it seems like there is little we can do, send aid possibly? But more importantly raise awareness. Join me on Twitter and #prayforamazonas

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  1. Kristie says:

    This is so sad. I blame the government for allowing things like this.

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