Growing Excitement

I have a communal garden at my flat, we have managed to convert some of the grass into fruit, veg and flower beds. A couple of years ago my friend planted a fig tree, I was sceptical it would ever fruit but hoped every time I passed it as it grew it would, its not hot like on the continent where all the best fruit comes from, we checked on it yesterday and I am happy to report there is fruit, I was surprised and excited, I still am, its an amazing achievement consider the conditions.

It shows, that despite adversity you can still shine, the tree has withstood snow & ice and probably no where near enough sunshine and heat but it still produced some fruit which will continue to grow hopefully if we get our hot spell back again.

We all have our own adversities, whether they are barriers we have placed or external forces beyond our control, we can make it through because we are all amazing human beings. Love and positivity should be shared with the world and embraced by all, paying it forward and being grateful for the things you are given whether it be a physical thing, emotional thing or even a lesson, share the good feeling it brings with the world.

Gratitude is not monetary and there are many there are many things you can do to show gratitude. Paying it forward – standing coffees, helping someone in their time of need at the supermarket checkout are just some examples. Spending time with loved ones goes a long way to giving back, its about empathising and helping to make things better for everyone.

Taking stock of your life is an important thing to do, much like an inventory at work, an inventory of your mind is always useful for later reference. Whilst some mind find this an insurmountable challenge – it can be as detailed as you like, just remind yourself of the good things, every cloud has a silver lining (apologies for the cliche) and put them in your bank of awesome. You dip in your bank whenever you need to, its there to remind you of all the great things in your life and how they make you the awesome person you are.

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