The Novel Within

It is said that everyone has a novel in them and to a certain extent I can believe that, we all have stories to tell if nothing else, some have the gift of transcribing the stories in their heads into a legible book/graphic novel/film or any other medium of delivery for the world to consume. I myself have several ideas about what I want my novel to be about hence about 6 different story lines in both notebook and electronic form, really you should only write one story at a time but I believe in noting down ideas when they come along rather than potentially forgetting them whilst you finish your existing work, that doesn’t mean dwelling on them once you’ve written them down, move on back to your current WIP and leave that new idea for such a time as you can start it properly, rather than half-assing it for both.

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For avid readers their to be read pile is an organic living thing which changes hourly with moods and the situation when a possible new book may cross our paths. There are no limits to anyone’s lists in my opinion, largely because I think reading is important for all of us. The issue is getting the non-readers to read, wheres their to be read pile? It doesn’t exist simple as that. Some adults go through their life either unable to read or not confident, you can question the role of education but there is also a certain amount of commitment required as a child, to practice your reading and as you practice more your confidence grows. You can apply this principle as an adult but it requires just as much commitment now as it did then. On the flip-side as a parent, do you want your children overtaking you? Coming home with questions that mean a sneaky search on google for the answer. Reading with your child can be immensely rewarding and can help you build your confidence as well, pick a slightly harder book (one that you can read but will challenge your child) and work your way through, my best friends mother read us Lord of the Rings when we were children, complete with voices, it was magical and sparked our love for reading even more.

In my opinion reading is the most important skill you can possess in life and whether you come to it early or late you should be able to learn without prejudice, you can unlock a world of fact, fiction and escapism.

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  1. Couldn’t agree anymore. Great post, Naomi!

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