Sunsets on a Tuesday

The Taj Mahal quite a sight at any time of day, today’s photo is of the sun setting over it, I have seen the sun rise above it, through a cloud of mosquitoes, there were others around but not as many as there would be in a couple of hours time. It was calm at 5:30 in the morning, only people working and a small number of other tourists with the same thought. I was bleary from the early alarm and slightly resentful of the 4th early morning in a row on our holiday, but without a shadow of a doubt it was worth it.

We associate different expectations to the rising and the settling of the sun. As it rises we expect a new day, a fresh start as opposed to it setting where we demand a certain finality to the situation, the day is over tomorrow is another day. In reality the finality is the beginning. The day ends and is reborn by the next morning, a fresh start as I have said for some, maybe not for others, some choose to take a different path whilst others remain on their original journey.

The change in light as the sun goes down often creates the most beautiful colours in the sky, reflecting off the clouds the pink, purple and red stripe together in layers in the distance. The ever increasing darkness coming from the indigo of the night sky and you see the purple deepen and the paler pinks fade away. Then suddenly its the last little bit as it melts away into nothing ready for another day in the morning.

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