The Journey Onward

Whether it be to a waterfall or to fulfil a long desired goal the journey is the key. The journey helps to form us as a person, completing the goal is the end of the journey right? The journey continues as your goals change and you continue to grow.

There will always be ongoing goals like maintaining well-being and happiness – there is no end as you continue to benefit from it. Then there are short term goals, getting from A to B, raising funds for your latest book or artwork. What do they mean to you? They are a means to an end in your bigger picture which is to do what you love.

We live in a society which still expects us to tow the line and do it how it should be done – school, college and university with a possible gap year somewhere in there, spat out at the end of 17 years of education. Not everyone sees that as an achievement or living their best life and neither should they feel pressured to but there are those who think themselves better for ‘doing it the right way’, they are the short sighted ones. Mistakes are made its what we learn from them that is important.

Doing what you love is so important, I realise its not that easy for everyone to do what they love and compromises have to be made, if you are truly passionate about something you will find anyway to do it, we all have this in us – its just not always obvious.

For example I stifled my love of writing because I didn’t feel I could share what I had written, the uncomfortable space I was in made it difficult to show others. New spaces bring new feelings of confidence and I am finding it noticeably easier to write. I feel happier for being able to express myself. Writing is my thing, whats yours?

Think back to your childhood, was there something you loved more than anything? How would it translate into your adult life? Physical Activity? Singing? Gaming? Is there some kind of equivalent activity you can do as an adult which brings the same feeling? Do you do it? Are you prepared to let yourself feel that feeling? Id love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or join us at Facebook.com/onlynomeswriting

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  1. Ameena k.g says:

    I agree with you, doing what you love is so important and I think as adults, we need to learn to keep fear aside, and just dive into the things we love at times. Sometimes, its not about being perfect in them, but simply enjoying that activity like say singing, painting

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