Changing Seasons

Its funny how we demand certain things from our work place such as a computer, desk, chair which wont ruin our bodies, there is law protecting such things in the UK. How many of us writers actually follow the same principles?

It took me time to realise that the reason why I wasn’t engaging was because of the state of my work space and probably more importantly my mindset, I would sit hunched on the bed or sofa, my face 3 inches from the paper of my notepad. The cricked necks started to get to me and my inherent resistance to sitting at my desk came to a head. I wanted to write but I wouldn’t at my desk, it was ornate and uncomfortable, a pretty desk but not for anyone spending any significant time there, a light-use desk if you will, certainly not designed to have a computer set up on it.

Despite owning my flat for 9 years and my friend recreating the space in many different configurations I myself never managed to engage with the room, it never felt like mine just a cross between a spare room and an office and it didn’t really want to be either.

Its replacement is simple and L shaped, I can have a short side for hand-writing and a long one for the computer and all the gubbins that comes with it and an appropriately ergonomic breathable style office chair complete with headrest.

Its odd how we attach certain feelings and emotions to objects, I feel very privileged to be able to buy myself a new desk and chair (not without some planning and consideration mind you). I appreciate that not everyone can just change their writing space because their current doesn’t suit them. I knew that I had to do something though as I had been drifting despite best efforts, even trying to write on my mobile which felt lazy and i’m sure it showed in my writing.

I look forward to enjoying my new space and making full use of my new office space, its calm and collected just as it should be.

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