A River Runs Through

Today’s picture is taken less than a mile from my house, the proximity to nature is something I welcome and if I could be closer i.e. in the countryside then that would be ideal but for now I am celebrating the things around me and closest to me.
Writing is one of my favourite outlets and I do not use it anywhere near enough, knowing that you can write a piece and publish it entirely privately should encourage you, no one has to see it but it means you have had that writing time and allowed yourself to open up and publish something on your blog or saved it somewhere, you could even use a notebook if you wanted, however you write its important to keep trying, Stephen King says be prepared to do a lot of reading and a lot of writing.
A simple smile can disarm the most serious of people and they often don’t quite know what to do with themselves, the answer is simply smile back surely? Somewhere along the line I think we stopped smiling at each other for some reason, do we not want to share positivity anymore? Or are we simply to engrossed in our own worlds to acknowledge others? Social media claims to bring us together, indeed it makes the world a lot smaller but the time spent on social media and ignoring the near vicinity ever increases. The emojis for smiling at each other are available but nothing beats a real one, it’s so easy to hide behind the button and the screen.
Having positive people around you is important for growth and support, not just for your own benefit but for the benefit of others, I am lucky to have some very determined friends and I hope I can repay them for the help they have given me.

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