Unknown Places

Current events allow us to travel around the world, they may not be the most pleasant of experiences but its real life, murder in Africa, war in Syria and terrorism in the USA. The media shows us pictures of places reporting their sordid tales, not really the same as exploring exotic locations in the Sunday Times Travel Section and certainly not the glamorous shots of sandy beaches and quaint country towns in any number of places. The images we are shown often spread like wildfire through social media, making it almost impossible to escape, not that I am saying we should ignore these causes far from it but to have it thrust down our throats at every angle is not productive.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I think it depends on how you perceive the world, positivity will see the silver lining in every cloud and a pessimist will see the problems laid before them, that can use as few or as many words as you care to commit. So why use a thousand when probably a few hundred would do. The pictures we see of the atrocities across the world throughout the week dissipate as the week comes to a close, the war torn pictures give way to holiday destinations and the latest things we should be doing.

Our 9 to 5 lifestyle gives way to the classic weekend activities and aspiring to travel. These places we see in the week are on the no travel list, why would we consider going there? Dark tourism is an increasing business, a thoroughly enjoyable book by Dom Jolly and an interesting series on Netflix allows us to escape to strange and sometimes sad places. Visiting places such as North Korea and talking about some of the truly bizarre things that happen and skiing in Iran drinking crazy alcohol, Dom’s account of his travels is one of my favourite travel books. It reminds me why I love writing about my travelling experiences and why I should write more.

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