Blossoming into the World

She looked across the bridge of the ship, she saw to her right two navigators and a technician and to her left a member of medical personnel.
It was calm, she was in charge of course, her worry was the incoming fleet no one else seem to be acknowledging. There they were clear as day on the big screen in front of her she looked around again, ‘OK guys just to alert you there seems to be an incoming fleet about 12 I’d say’ she felt a bit better but no one seemed bothered, they didn’t even turn their heads. Some thing was very odd indeed, the fleet didn’t actually appear to be moving and none of the sensors had actually triggered, she was beginning to wonder whether this was all real or was it all a dream?
Enough was enough she wanted to know why everyone was so quiet and why she was seemingly being ignored by her crew. She walked across the bridge and reached out to touch the shoulder of the first navigator her hand passed through without even hitting the console. She brought her palm to her face she could see right through, OK so this wasn’t a good sign, what on earth happened? The last thing she remembered was being sat on the bridge with her crew and there being a fleet of ships, but that was now wasn’t it? She had no clue what had happened to time and really had no idea how nothing was moving, almost as if it was in stasis.
The console usually a bank of disco lights was blank with a small red glow. She tried touching the buttons but to no avail she was stuck unable to change anything or understand how she had turned into a hologram.
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