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Happiness can be perceived as difficult to achieve at times, we spend time envying others happiness and wondering why theirs was better than yours and that’s OK for some reason we lack the capability of satisfying ourselves, even in the most simple of ways, we rarely just enjoy that moment just because we can and why shouldn’t we?

Little positive changes can result in significant happiness boosts and being aware and acknowledging your surroundings, enjoying the moment and taking the good from a situation, even if it may be perceived as negative at the time, its important to appreciate all the world does for us. I hear you scoff, but name me a time where being positive didn’t get you further or help in some way? A lot of the energy we put out into the world we receive back, making some of us wonder what we did, I personally don’t think that we attract everything we receive and we should keep this in mind when we ask the universe for things.

Like I said little positive changes are there to shape your new positive future, we can turn ‘mistakes’ into a change in tack and acknowledge issues and where possible deal with them because again these changes allow for your progression.

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