Chasing Waterfalls

Trying to find a topic to write about today was a little harder than first anticipated, instead I decided to talk about how we handle challenges differently and for instance one may look to Twitter for inspiration but one might also go to Facebook or Google, heaven forbid someone have an actual conversation or an independent thought and write something original? It has been said by many that there are few original plots and narratives anymore, I think its more they are waiting to be written, you can trace famous stories back to folklore hundreds of years ago. People write stories and are more often than not influenced by the stories they have heard and events which have happened to them. The originality comes from the voice in which it is told surely? You may have heard something or something happened but really its your interpretation and that to me is what makes it original.

When we write we have a tendency to stick to a style we are comfortable with, myself i’m struggling with the decision so i’m trying out a few to see how they work. Whether it be poetry, fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, Young Adults, Children, Adult just to mention a few – I encourage you to read more, I know I need to read more. Stephen King says you should read a lot and write a lot if you want to be a writer, seems logical? Right! Now to decide which book to start with on my now embarrassingly large to be read pile.

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