50 Years of the Moon Landing

Apollo 11 defined a generation – the moon landing was the very first of its kind, although it was televised it was not available for everyone to watch. Owning a TV was expensive. My mothers immediate reaction to the delivery man remarking that it was 50 years prompted her to tell the story of how they didn’t have a TV back in those days and that we are lucky now. A slightly random reaction to someone who seemingly still has all her marbles, but thats another story entirely.

To me the Apollo Moon landing was an amazing accomplishment (even though I was not born at the time) it doesn’t prevent me from understanding the significance of the achievement. It astounds me that people think its a hoax even now, although i’m still somewhat confused as to how they managed to tape over the footage like a wedding video, you would have thought they would quarantine it to prevent such ridiculousness but no, you could argue that this fuels the conspiratorial fire 10 fold but then we really are clutching at straws aren’t we?

What is more important is acknowledging the women who made this incredible feat happen, there were many women key roles in the project, at a time when women were fighting for equality they were directly involved in the Apollo projects, looking through the trending section on Twitter it took me some time to get to the section of tweets covering this topic, 14k people lead by predominantly women based news and government accounts dragging it to peoples attention because we are more fixed on the moment that Neil Armstrong utter the now ingrained phrase “One small step for mankind….”. In a world were we seem to constantly complain about the lack of acknowledgement and equality it strikes me that a little more forethought could go into marking these events which are truly significant but seem to favour celebrating the celebrities on the front line rather than everyone involved in the projects. If you would like to read more about the women involved in the project the NASA article is available here and remember that without them it wouldn’t have happened.

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