Climbing the Ladder of Life

I’m a believer in pushing yourself, after today, more so than ever. I have a fairly crippling fear of heights even on the TV is too much for me sometimes so to book and go and do the high ropes you would assume I had gone insane. I would argue not so much insane as having an innate desire to do something to really push me from my comfort zone, I’d been talking about at work for the last few days and after discussing it with my friend a yolo moment was had.
For me the high ropes were the worst because of the movement, despite knowing that all the equipment was more than man enough for even my body when I got stuck on the straight lined bits I still panicked and broke down on tears, but I carried on knowing I had to get to the end, the last section was tough and I ended up having one of the instructors guiding me in but I did it and I didn’t fall. The higher ropes were a step too far, their time will come it’s just not now.
Reflecting on the climbing wall I think it’s similar to the way in which you see your path in life, mine is somewhat chaotic and trying to balance lifting my body weight and planning the route was difficult but again its time will come.
It made me realise I need to simply everything I am currently only making it more difficult for myself by not giving myself the time and strength to move forward.
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