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I am not one to get into extensive political debates with people, I have my own opinions as does the rest of the world, I decided to take a look at the BBC’s Blog ‘The Papers’. Personally I think that newspapers much like social media is a distraction from living in the moment. The traditional media distract is with the latest antics in Parliament in the UK and for the USA the delight of Trump’s latest efforts. Whatever your option there is an outlet to match your sentiments, Liberal or Conservative there is a paper out there who supports you.

The continuing saga of brexit continues to attempt to be the bane of our lives in the UK some like me have simply chosen to ignore it, I voted remain but democracy is democracy and to overturn it makes a mockery of the whole proceedings. It creates unnecessary negativity and resentment across the country and slowly it continues to spread internationally. One way or another it needs to be sorted, it’s going to be painful whichever way we do it. I saw the best explaination of brexit by meme.

As I say whether we like it or not we are stuck sorting it out and the sooner the better frankly.

So that’s my brief take on the state of UK politics, I’m aware there are plenty of other issues going on including a significant decline in the state of health and social care due to funding cuts and they also desperately need to be sorted but we can only but hope that solving brexit will provide some kind of answers for the other issues.

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