Living in the Moment

As I sit reading through what’s trending on Twitter and I am reminded of the negativity in the world, my recent change in mindset has allowed me an extra level of sensitivity to such things. I’m learning to brush it off, it’s not a case of not caring but more of a case of self preservation so I try and see the lesson in negative situations.
By negativity on Twitter I mean the murders and the sentencing of El Chapo something that wouldn’t interest me, much as the fiasco with Grimes yesterday only sparked my interest because I was appalled at her cutting out part of her eye in the apparent name of Seasonal depression. So rather than perpetuate I choose to change the subject, I choose to find something good to give my time to, such as writing and cooking and watching a world through the eyes of Anthony Bourdain although it’s a TV series I find his perspective fascinating and the places he visits are far flung, often places I’ve never been too but would love to visit. The day will come when I can visit them until then it’s all about the journey and appreciating what you have.
Living in the moment is something I have been guilty of not doing, but I am making a conscious effort to make sure I do because for me living in the past is standing in the way of my progress.
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