Eyes are the Window to the Soul

So as I sit here and write this the artist known as ‘Grimes’ is trending on Twitter because she had part of her eye removed to help cure ‘Seasonal Depression’ there were other elements to her extreme regime including depravation tanks and ‘screaming sessions’. Some would say its extreme, others cry publicity stunt as the news comes at the beginning of her new ad campaign with the sports brand Adidas, others even suggest its satirical. Personally I find it a little extreme although there is some clinical evidence to suggest that the eyes play a part of treating seasonal depression, claiming to have had surgery which is seemingly not readily available even to the rich – I do question the validity of her claims and wonder if it sets a very negative precident for other sufferers, ‘you need surgery and a bunch of therapy to fix yourself’ – is this what we want people to believe? Positivity can support all forms of therapy do we really need to go under the knife?
The standard treatment for seasonal depression is cbt or cognitive behavioural therapy, supported in some cases with light therapy and even antidepressants in some cases. In the UK at least there are some guidelines set by ‘NICE’ or the National Institute for Clinical Excellence’ which the NHS have translated here
When it comes to depression in a world where technology is advancing rapidly I don’t think its appropriate to advocate extreme measures until we have established how effective it is as it would be misleading to let everyone think it will work for them.
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