Sunsets on a Monday

A productive start to the week this fine sunny Monday and plenty of beautiful sunsets are happening across the globe, their stunning beauty give you an opportunity to really appreciate a moment.
I’ve been conscious of how unaware I have been so I’ve been making time to improve my mind, walking and talking with my friend we often take the opportunity to put the world to rights, but its the time spend outside appreciating nature in all its glory. Even though the green space near me is small there is a plethora of different wildlife from bat’s to hedgehogs to moorhens you can see all kinds, although less so of the stream as its now covered in himalayan balsam which has returned from a few years ago.

Himalayan Balsam

Positivity is something that should shine through even when there is negativity all around, we all have our good days and we all have our bad days but there will always be an amazing sunset and an even more beautiful sunrise the next day. Although I rarely see a sunrise I do try and appreciate the sun setting the slow progression is perfect for meditation or even just a moment to take stock.
As a rule sunsets are not a trending topic by any means Mondays however are a different story. There are many other things we could be talking about like what’s currently trending on Twitter for example racist presidents, even the TV series ‘Love Island’ as it happens in the UK. Perhaps the strangest of all is the #weirdthingstobuyinbulk which disappeared down a very strange path of suggestions.
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