Cold Brew on a Sunday

Many love an iced coffee but how many would like a cold brew? Sounds fancy when you say brew and really its far from it. Your local Costa will sell it to you with whipped milk on top and vegan sticky coffee pecan cookies! Personally I like to brew my own as I prefer certain blends of coffee beans and although I drink their coffee Costa’s house blend is certainly not one of my favourites, a combination of convenience and a hatred of Starbucks means that my nearest coffee house is Costa with a drive-thru about 5 minutes walk from my house.

I was obsessed from the first time I tried it, an expensive habit even though I found it in bigger bottles in the supermarket, how hard could it be I thought to myself, googled it and realised its just grinding a cup of coffee beans coarser and combining it with about a litre of filtered water in a mason jar for 12 to 18 hours. Personally I prefer closer to 18 hours as it really gives it time to develop the flavours, the strength develops in the first 8 or so hours you can add more coffee or less water its entirely up to you but I find even as a strong coffee drinker that 1 cup of coffee beans to 900ml of water is a good ratio, There are blog posts that suggest you can warm it in the microwave there are plenty of easier ways of making hot coffee so lets not spoil this one.

So when you think about it cold brew really is just as it is described, you brew it with cold water not hot, I carried on researching a bit more on Google trends and stumbled across a huge increase in the searching of ‘cold drip coffee’ a seemingly even slow process. Whatever your coffee brewing preferences you consider an iced coffee of some description in the summer not because it will cool you but because it tastes good and you deserve good things!

Let me know your thoughts on cold brew and iced coffee, its a definite favourite of mine, both with and without milk but never with sugar. My Mum prefers her iced coffee with milk but her hot coffee black, we are all different. Join me at Facebook.com/OnlyNomesWriting for more conversation or head over to my instagram/onlynomeswriting and join me and my current work in progress.

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