How did Dick Get On YouTube?

Since the introduction of the internet porn has become far more accessible that it has ever been. Whether you consume it or not you are probably within a accidental search and 3 clicks of stumbling across some kind of video of ‘girls gone wild’ or worse ‘girl deserves huge cock’ (something to that effect anyway). As my friend and I discovered when we were watching one of those ‘try not to laugh’ videos on YouTube – the clip was in fact not porn but a performance Art piece where the artist had a giant dildo attached to him which he proceeded to swing against a horizontal bar in a weird display of power over the others involved. I was confused at first until my friend briefed me that this indeed was a thing and we tried to find the original video to give me some context. Cue searching on YouTube for the whole video – with a predictably dodgy set of keywords it was never going to end that well (long dick man act if you must know), however the videos we stumbled across on our mission to find said art installation were a dark seemingly uncensored side of the video platform. We were greeted with a selection of men ‘teaching’ you how to enlarge your penis using a variety of exercises, teaching you how to put a condom on and some other more racy subjects. These were not gated posts they were free for all to see, this is completely uncensored on the main YouTube platform, its crazy to think you can stumble so far from the path with just a few words including AGT (Americas Got Talent). How far will we get from ‘family’ entertainment on a ‘Family Friendly’ platform such as YouTube before a far more serious situation occurs? Considering the subject matter they should be made age restricted at the very least but really there is no way to argue that these kind of How-To videos have a place on You-Tube, it shouldn’t be possible to hide these subjects under the guise of education. I agree we all have to learn but sure as I am I don’t think allowing it freely in the public domain where young children could find it searching for contestants on ridiculous talent shows.

If you want to check out my friends video about this head over to The Long Dick Act – GONE WRONG you should also check out his website here —–> Be3Art

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