Writing – A Life Purpose?

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Getting to know yourself is the first and most positive step towards finding your purpose – it may not be the easiest as you will be dealing with issues you had maybe ignored or tried to forget. Opening up to yourself can be even more difficult than opening up to someone else although we may not admit it – we put on a pretty good show. 

I came across an interesting article by Tchiki Davis, Ph.D. in which she talks about 5 steps to finding your life purpose far more eloquently than I an able at this stage.

I would love to tell you that its easy to find your purpose in life but that would be a lie, for some it comes easily – others not so much and some never find out. In my experience looking directly for it also doesn’t help necessarily in the way you would like it to. It starts with knowing yourself – easier said than done I hear you cry and yes but remember we put the barriers up – we can take them down again. All these things I realise are easy for me to say – I am still fully learning my purpose – we never stop learning. 

Writing is not something I was good at at school, I could pass the essays but with no great style and I had no desire to write for pleasure. As I continued throughout my education the writing skills improved mostly in the subjects I enjoyed the most, which is hardly surprising that I would excel in something I was more interested in. 

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Social media was still in its infancy and Facebook launched in the UK not long after I started University. I discovered blogger – a journal type website which allowed me to share my camera pictures online with the world. How many people actually read it is another matter. It started as a journal documenting photos I was particularly proud of and events and gigs I had been to, Over time it grew as the technology and the web hosting evolved and became available for the general public. 

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I wouldn’t say that my entire purpose is to write – more that I hope my writing will help people all over the world and leave a record of all the pieces I have written throughout my life. All I really want to do is help other people – whether its directly or indirectly because of something I have shared. 

 I have chosen a series of topics to write about over the next few months, they will be therapeutic posts for me and I hope that my writing will help someone out there even if its just a reassurance they aren’t alone in their feelings. Although we are all different, we often travel similar paths and I hope my experiences and thoughts can be of help.

I would love to know your thoughts on life purposes do you believe we all have a purpose? Please leave a comment below or come join the conversation at Facebook.com/NomesSharingFood


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  1. Kristie says:

    I think everyone has a purpose and that it sometimes changes as we travel through life. Even if our purpose is only to help shape or influence someone else, even without knowing it, that one moment makes us important to that person.

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