5 Ways To Get Organized For Christmas

I can’t speak for anyone else but I am not a great one for following timetables, I have a similar problem with recipes to be honest the rebel in me just wants to muddle the steps up and see what happens, so how do I plan anything when i’m essentially working against myself? Bullet point lists. Simple yet effective method of recording all the things you have to do, you can even add timings should you wish but personally I would rather create a list to be done throughout a day and give myself the day to do it.

Christmas should really be no different truth be told, if I celebrated it then there would be a bunch of lists appearing all over the place planning food and gifts. So in a world overrun by technology I welcome you to a world of list recording options – there are apps, websites, printouts and diaries. What you choose is entirely up to you and there is an option to suit every budget.

  1. Fancy printing your own Christmas planner? Check out your favourite search engine and Pinterest for a literal plethora of printables options from blanks to pre-populated lists of everything you could possibly need to remember. Simply assemble your newly printed planner in a ring-binder and ta-da! you have your Christmas planner. All you need is a printer, folder and dividers and you are away! 

2. Task apps and To-Do Lists – whether you are iOs or Android there are literally hundreds of options some free, some paid for, there are plenty of reviews and if you believed them all then you wouldn’t download any of them. Having said that both the native ‘Notes’ on iOs and ‘Google Task’ and ‘Google Keep’ are some of the best out there are you probably already have them. In my opinion ‘Google Keep’ is the best note taking and brainstorming app you will come across for free, but that is just me so if you find something that works better for you then that’s great.

3. Bullet Journal/Filofax – beautiful pieces of kit and if you already have one then enjoy the wealth of extras and printables you can use this Christmas to get yourself on-point! Whether you print them yourself or buy them pre-printed there’s no excuse not to use it! Bullet Journal even have their own Christmas Blog post read it here

4. Spreadsheets – I have been known to use Google Sheets to get myself super organised – there are a world of templates out there which can help you achieve pretty much anything. This is especially useful for budgeting so if you want to keep all the pennies accounted for then just use one of the many budgeting templates out there and import it into your Google Sheets or iOs Numbers. Check out the lovely Amanda Gordon of Life at Clover Hill’s post which gives you everything you need here.

5. Notepad & Paper – traditional and easily customizable can result in slight disorganization if paper is removed from pad so use with caution or attach them to a suitable board with pins/blue-tac/stickies. A cheap diary can provide a wealth of coping mechanisms – something to record thoughts, events and most importantly plan things try and get one with a note section on each page.

As to when you decide to write this list is entirely up to you but try and give yourself time to execute it. Planning at the 11th hour can be a tricky one to pull off so you need to have some sort of idea by the beginning of December to reduce the likelihood of added stress. Added stress can come from a number of places – people, time, money, work – we can all suffer from any of these at anytime but for some reason Christmas amplifies it tenfold. With that in mind if any of the elements you are balancing are likely to cause issues then it would be wise to try and address them before the planning starts rather than after. Simply because it will make your life so much easier.  

Hopefully you will have read my post on mental preparation and will already be feeling ready to start planning an awesome Christmas. If you haven’t I strongly suggest you do but if you don’t have time just remember 5 quick coping mechanisms – Breathe, Mind Dump, Buddy Up, Get Organised, Rest and Relaxation.

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