A foray into caramel

I have been making chocolates in varying forms for a few months now, both from scratch vegan chocolate and just melting a good old bar of cooking chocolate (mainly milk and white as they are harder to replicate).
I have layered them in moulds but until today I had never filled them with anything (other than flavouring the chocolate with mint etc) so why did I suddenly decide to make caramels you ask yourself? Well I just wanted to give it a go to be honest, I searched the net quickly to confirm my idea of using premade caramel sauce was a thing and off I trotted to the shops. Now in retrospect I would have bought caramel sauce in a squeeze bottle or similar not a can (hind sight is 20\20 as they say) so feel free to substitute with your favourite or even make your own and use a piping bag (various vegan options also available).
I recommend using deep moulds for a decent sized result as the thinner the mould the less room you have to play with. As you can see in the pictures the caramel can escape!
150g of the chocolate of your choice (here is a very easy vegan version if you want to try it Trinity’s conscious kitchen) if you want milk then I suggest a good quality cooking chocolate purely because it tempers more easily.
1 bottle/can premade caramel sauce the choice is yours. If you want to make your own one of the many recipes out there will yield more than enough to fill your chocolate and there might even be leftovers!
Handmade Milk and dark chocolate caramels
If you have any questions please do get in touch I would love to hear from you!

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