New Beginnings: 3 Reasons to try something new

This is not the type of post I would normally write let a long publish on a Saturday morning but today is the start of a new chapter.
Its been a difficult week in one sense and another – I have struggled and triumphed on several occasions so not all bad. Positivity is key, I can preach it but sometimes struggle to implement it myself but that is a hang up I must address myself.
I finished an hour early one Friday as we normally do and found myself sat at home again, unsure what to do but sit on my ass all evening again maybe do some writing if I felt like it, I was encouraged to see if there was a new class I wanted to do. I googled halfheartedly and then checked what classes where on at the studio I go to stretch class. There was a choice of pole fit or silks. Pole fit was in half an hour. I had to do something, I have been sat at home in the evenings too long. Pole fit it was, I changed into my workout clothes and gathered myself together.
Anyway on with these 3 reasons:

  1. Boost – give yourself a boost when you are feeling low, maybe an exercise class is not for you, there are so many opportunities for you just keep looking, for those of you who prefer not to leave the house – there are an abundance of options on the internet.

    Commit to them – follow your progress – show yourself you can be strong – thank yourself for your time.

  2. Sense of achievement – when you try something new you don’t always know what to expect – of course you don’t its new. Enjoy the moment and embrace your new abilities.

    Last night at pole fit being a classic example how was I to know what a brass monkey was???
    I am incredibly lucky to have an awesome teacher who had the patience to adapt her teaching for me (I have literally zilch experience and my posture is horrendous!) She gave me beginners tasks whilst the girls who have been coming for a long time continued with the more complicated stuff.

  3.  Why not? The question is exactly that, give me one good reason right now that prevents you from trying something new?

    If you are worried about trying something new – ask yourself why? Because short of an apocalypse there are so many ways to try something new…just find one that is right for you….

    Do you like trying new things? is there anything you find particularly hinders you? Leave a comment below or join the conversation on Facebook.

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