Pole F.I.T

The rise of pole dancing as a method of getting fit has been incredible – it works on the body as a whole rather than you training each part individually. So why do people still think its for strippers and prostitutes? The unfortunate connotations over the years remain in place and it generational opinions rarely change. Yes there is no denying that strip clubs exist and this is a part of the pole world it is a whole different industry in itself, for example Polefest held in London has categories for presenting your routine, you are required to tell a story of some kind in a similar way to interpretive dance.
I joined our Pole F.I.T class on a Friday night on a whim and loved it, I guess I’ve become a Friday trainer (who even knew). I was talking to my mother about it and she said rather suspiciously that she hoped it wasn’t a career change. I didn’t know whether to laugh or be offended – it is funny when you think about it I guess. That came in the same week as someone else misunderstood the difference between pole dancing and lap dancing….It will definitely be a while until I manage a reverse brass monkey but I look forward to the achievement.
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