Its Friday – I'm In Love

The 80’s reference to The Cure in the title of today’s post may be lost on some but its one of my favourites. According to Ranker.com there are 34 different songs about Friday (i’m pretty sure there are more but it would be like trying to count the number of versions of Softcell’s – Tainted Love the list just goes on and on….)
Friday – beginning of the weekend – the one night of the week apart from Saturday where we allow ourselves out to play. Dinner parties, raves, wine bars and cafes anything goes (unless you are a social recluse like me in which case you just sit at home pretending to be busy so you don’t have to go out). It can be a day for class if you are truly committed but if you are partial to a random Friday celebration then choosing something to commit to weekly may involve some compromise.
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