February – Detoxing January – Part 2

Last week we concentrated on detoxing the body, this week its the mind’s turn to be cleansed.
The concept of change can be a difficult one for some to follow, some people prefer (whether consciously or not) to re-brand their ‘change’ whether it be through acknowledging mental health issues, using the term missions instead of goals or indeed detoxing your mind. As I have said its not an easy process and something to be considered carefully. You want to be at your best, you are starting to wonder why you just ‘just don’t feel up to it’ most of the time. Again – you need to ask yourself why you are doing it and what you would like to achieve whether it be food related or a particular annoying habit you cant seem to get rid of or even removing your barriers and opening up more.
Apps – there are so many ways of making changes to your life, there are probably now more apps for meditation and encouraging/learning good habits than we will ever need in a lifetime. If you feel like this method would work best for you and that you can commit to the process then I recommend an app called Fabulous. Its a free app with the option to pay for additional services (like most apps nowadays) but it does have some very good habit suggestions and allows you to start small and build up rather than over committing and wearing yourself out.
Reiki – an interesting process which some struggle to believe in but having had the treatment myself I can say for sure that there you will learn things about yourself that you may not have known before. Find a local practitioner and discuss your needs with them and they can suggest a course of treatment to suit you. Facebook has a multitude of different groups recommending people worldwide.
Counselling – like reiki practitioners it is best to try and find a recommended certified counsellor who can create an individual treatment plan for you. This is good for assessing potential PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder or some kind of specific event which you feel has affected you in a particular way) or if you suffer with depression and anxiety – talking can be much more productive than the drugs your doctor may prescribe.
A life coach – if you are the kind of person who needs verbal prompting and encouragement but not from an automated device then a life coach is probably your best bet. There are costs to consider but in my opinion you cant put a price on happiness and if you really feel it would benefit you then go for it.
Self-help books – we all have at least one on our shelf when we got distracted by a title that promised the world – you may have even read them. Did it work? If it didn’t then that’s not problem – everyone learns and responds in different ways so it may have not been the book for you. If it did work – ask yourself why are you reading this article?
Next week we will be bringing all  the suggestions together so you can get started.
Please feel free to comment and leave feedback – I always appreciate it.

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