February – Detoxing January

January – the new year month, when you promise to make changes to your life, detox your body or even your mind. The month you probably end up with the most toxins just through trying and failing various methods. Your mind is probably a jumble since you are still trying to make a start on those new years resolutions you vowed you would uphold this year.
February – when you think about it – is actually the perfect time to take stock and start cleansing the mind and body anew. You could of course argue that its too soon to review but if you are struggling then the logical thing would be to stop and review the situation.
Most people think of detoxing as a physiological (body) process rather than a psychological (mind) process, in my opinion there is an argument for detoxing both body and mind to ensure you can maintain your ‘cleansed’ state. Cleansing the mind can be similar to the religious ‘cleansing’ or ‘confessional’ process of having their sins forgiven. You could class the negative thoughts as sins but I think it would be an odd association as they are not always thoughts you have complete control over, your subconscious can have a habit of playing with your thoughts.
Ask yourself one question before you start – what do I want to achieve from my detox? Is there a particular part of your body that is causing you discomfort? or is it an underlying thought/fear? The former being very much physiological and the latter very much a psychological. Depending on the answer you have a plethora of options to achieve your goals.
Detoxing Your Body – Top 5
The 21st century has brought a wealth of methods to detox your body – water, teas, colonics, supplements, elimination diets you name it you can probably use it to detox yourself in someway.
Some people use saunas to sweat the toxins from their body plunging themselves into cold water to close the newly cleaned pores. A lot of gyms and most spas have a sauna room – there even different types – its not for everyone so don’t feel bad if you don’t fancy it.
Elimination diets are something to be used when you are feeling physical symptoms they are primarily used to work out what you are allergic/intolerant to without impacting too heavily on your current diet. Having said that cutting out things like dairy and gluten can be a large part of someones diet – lattes and paninis anyone? You can buy kits where you send off your blood and they test it for you – it is also possible to discuss these tests with your medical practitioner – I strongly suggest if you are suffering to consult them and ask for the tests to be done do not spend time doing elimination diets – coeliac disease can be serious if left unchecked.
Detox tea – so there are loads of versions of ‘detox’ teas and I cant speak for many of them as I have only tried a few brands. The Pukka Herbs Detox blend concentrates on the digestive side of detoxing. The tea is also said to make you feel more ‘balanced’ through the ayurvedic blend of herbs rejuvenating the body to quote the ingredients list:
Aniseed (40%), sweet fennel seed (20%), cardamom pod (15%), licorice root, coriander seed, celery seed. 10% licorice by dried weight. The herbs they list are all said to assist the digestive system and some even ‘improve’ weight loss. It certainly feels warm and comforting when drinking it the aniseedy flavours calming an unsettled stomach, the cardamom serving as a strong antioxidant – helping ward of a wide variety of symptoms and encourage weight loss.
If you are looking for something more for the antioxidant function – eliminate those free radicals – there are a wide variety of green tea blends but in my opinion a good quality matcha or white tea will serve you well.
As for a pure weight loss teas there are plenty of ‘skinny teas’ which claim to boost your metabolism and make you burn fat quicker. I’m not convinced that this is a healthy way to lose weight but they could be used good effect with a healthy eating and exercise regime.
Whichever method you choose be sure you speak to your healthcare professional and ensure you have chosen the right method for you, they may be able to suggestions based on your current physical state.
Hope you enjoyed this post – tune in next week for some psychological detoxing.

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