From reel to crafting station (in my mind)

It started with a conversation at work….I had seen left over reels sat around before and wondered where they went once we had finished with them. There was one large enough for a table but that was neither practical nor feasible then my eye fell on the smaller one…a coffee table for me…yes…i’m a genius and off I trundled with it to the car. Once home it became apparent that my genius was not as I quite thought, it was just too damn low. All was not lost though as its the perfect size for my niece! A project of extended proportions was embarked on with me getting carried away and dragged back to reality in equal measures.
There was some skepticism whether it was actually worth it but I had a need to do something to prove a point, I knew I could do it – it might take longer than normal people but hey – off to the local home-ware shop for spray paint, sand paper and embellishments.
Black board spray paint is by far the best way of covering things for little ones, they extend their creative space and you can literally turn anything into a black board. The purple chosen for a splash of colour. I also found a bunch of random stuff which might be good to use to help create the station.
I spent a couple of hours sanding down all the rough spots and making sure there were no splinter risks and it was ready to be painted.
I chose blackboard paint and a glossy purple for added colour. I figured its important for my niece to learn and play so she can scribble to her hearts content on the blackboard paint.
I attached a cup to the top and sprayed it purple, serves as the perfect size pen and pencil holder. The no more nails should keep it in place.
I prepped the chair and sprayed it purple taking care to keep the ‘pencil eraser’ feet intact (this wasn’t easy) and after several more coats over a couple of days and it was ready.
I am pleased with the end result and I hope that she will be too.
If you have similar projects in mind or ones you have already done yourself please feel free to share.

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