Jurassic Beach Art

So my first rota day from work, its a Friday and for once the weather is stunning…We cannot waste the day away at home – we must go do something! So it was settled a road trip – the beach had been on the top of my list for some time – Lyme Regis was an option but the parking is rubbish (I know I sound middle aged) remembering back to my childhood where else can we go? I remembered fossil hunting as a child on a beach named Charmouth, well off we went.
We found convenient parking on the hill into the little town and followed the coastal path the rest of the way on foot. It was definitely one of the hottest days this year and we were relieved when the sea breeze caught us. The beach looked a little busy as we arrived but as we walked away from the crowds they thinned quickly – it was mainly families with very small children and people fossil hunting or rock pooling. Finding a spot to sit was not difficult as the cliffs were beginning to make their own nooks and crannies.
I settled down to enjoy the sun as it had been a long time since I last actually sunbathed, i’d made sure that I had factor 50 sun cream on my back – what could go wrong? The sound of the waves and the gentle breeze relaxed me and I settled into a slightly bizarre waking dream pattern. An hour or so later I woke to see my friend making sculptures with the rocks that were strewn about us. The gallery of pictures shows some of the views from the beach and the sculptures but they were most dramatic close up. We relaxed some more then walked back down the beach through the surf, enjoying the rock pools and the cool of the sea on our toes.
Then there was ice cream – the essence of a summers day on the beach.
For more of my friends work instagram.com/lukemargettsart

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