Meeting Ratty

I first met Ratty when he was but a skeleton. The thin pencil lines hinting at his large frame but said nothing of the rest of him. I wondered how he would grow, would he become a she or something else entirely…it was not immediately obvious. Over the next few days I watched him develop like a photograph in a studio his creator pausing every so often to ask my thoughts. Ratty is one of my favourites so it was a bit hard to be critical…settling for some extra shading on the body.Whether you see him as a political statement or not the connotations are there, a line of something white with a straw and a joint speaks of a rebellious nature fighting the system. The suit and top hat implies a higher class image, although I feel the argument that ‘drugs are for the poor’ does not hold much weight anymore. In truth you wouldn’t expect a rat to be wearing clothes let alone a top hat with dinner jacket snorting cocaine off a mirror tile. I would love to hear your thoughts on this piece, let me know in the comments below.You can see it in more detail at Luke Margetts Art
Source: Meeting Ratty

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