Banana & Coconut Cake

The conquest with coconut flour continues, so do the sight teething problems but I am sure with some tweaking we will get there.As you know I happened upon a vegan banana bread recipe (another one of those necessity is the mother of invention moments) a few weeks ago – check out my original post here. Well the bananas were more than ready to be turned into a cake again, but running low on plain flour what was I to do? The coconut flour called from the cupboard – but last time it turned into some kind of dense macaroon- can I afford another minor hiccup? Surely it wont be the same the bananas are really mushy.As I combined the ingredients it came together rather quickly – I panicked – maybe if I put it in the oven it’ll melt….yes that’ll do it….(not registering that the fat in it is vegetable oil not butter or coconut oil and would probably not melt). I threw it in the oven, hoping that it would magically transform like a caterpillar into a butterfly.Well. The results were not surprising (at least to me) At least it didn’t stick to the tin…the chocolate frosting was ready and waiting in the wings to try and save the day. I whipped up a batch and poured it over. Maybe I didnt wait for it to cool enough but that didn’t seem to matter too much as it set it started to crack. Reflecting on this recipe it might have been better to add nuts and fruit – maybe that would have made it more moist, maybe not.The cake itself is protein packed and serves its cakey purpose but it’s fair to say more experimenting must be done.If you have any experience and thoughts you’d like to share please do – I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments 🙂

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