When Gluten-Free is a Necessity

Gluten free is one of those things – you could call it a fad for some but for others it’s a lifestyle they have to observe. Welcome to the table coeliacs! A coeliac friend once said that you can’t avoid gluten completely and if the package says made in same factory as ‘blah blah blah’ then you cant not try, but as with all allergies there are differing degrees of severity. Nut allergies being another perfect example, some even sensitive to traces left on the lips of their partner as they kiss them and some only allergic to certain nuts. Urring on the side of caution can be perceived as boring – but with the right planning it need not be boring at all.People say to me – what do I do I work shifts – it’ll be really difficult. We know from my previous post on homemade pot noodles are the easiest, most allergy friendly fast food for anyone. Be sure to check your noodles, some rice noodles are bulked out with wheat but after some investigation most of my local supermarkets in the UK have either fresh or quick-cook gluten free noodles. I cant speak for internationally so like I said it is prudent to check these things.Unfortunately all these ancient grains such as spelt are among the foods you cannot eat but it doesn’t mean to say that you have to give up bread if you don’t want to. There are also a wide variety of gluten free flours now available – in all purpose and bread varieties so why not have a go at a soda bread loaf? No rising and you get a lovely crusty loaf or rolls.The free-from section of your local supermarket may yield some surprising rewards with quite a few alternatives to the foods you are used to, cheese sauce, pancake mixes and cake mixes to name but a few. If you are used to preparing most of your meals from scratch it will simply be a case of being more aware of what is in your food. Finding the staple alternatives that suit your tastes, little known gluten free gem buckwheat is an excellent alternative in savoury cooking with it’s nutty flavour.Falafel are a delicious chickpea based snack but check the ingredients as they do sometimes put wheat flour in to bulk it up. If you want a fairly definitive reference list of grains to try and ones to avoid check out the Coeliac Society’s page hereIf you have first hand experience with coeliac disease please do give your thoughts and experiences, I want people to be able to share their experiences and help each other.
Source: When Gluten-Free is a Necessity

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