Homemade Pot Noodles & other adventures (original)

I have been aware of the concept of a homemade pot noodle for sometime now, but it is only recently that I have the opportunity to try making them. Indeed I still need to go purchase a few ingredients so that I can actually try making them – more to come later on that – but i’m looking forward to be able to have a go.Yesterday was a cake day. Cake was demanded cake would be made. The lack of eggs caused an initial problem but the sad looking bananas in the fruit bowl told a different story. A recipe for vegan banana bread was duly researched and found, awesomely simple – fat and egg free – what could be better? Well there was also demand for icing – the cupboard bore a measly amount of powdered sugar for such things. It did however yield a half tub of chocolate fudge icing from earlier in the week. Result! The cake came out slightly browner on top than I would have liked but in all honesty with the addition of the icing this was not going to be a problem. Once cooled and iced the cake looks the part – a loaf recipe in an 8″ deep cake tin as my loaf tin is currently out of action. Its a recipe which would lend itself to the addition of a few chocolate chips/nuts/dried fruit, making it a relatively healthy alternative to some of the cakes out there. Although banana is not for everyone it smelt divine as I cut into it – a rush of fresh sweet smell filled my nostrils as I took two slices and wrapped it up to put in the fridge for later.If you are interested in the full recipe check it out via the BBC Good Food website https://goo.gl/SBnBQX
Source: Homemade Pot Noodles & other adventures

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