A Makeshift Reuben

So late on Friday night we got into a complicated sandwich discussion….not so much the choice of filling but the choice of bread or vehicle for this sandwich. My friend is adamant that croissants are the way forward instead of bread, I gave it some thought and surely its not much different to using a brioche roll or loaf. The sweetness and the flakey pastry makes for an ideal toasting, then he announced that a pastrami and sauerkraut combination, I raised my eyebrows, traditionally this holy combination is reserved for salt beef, rye bread, adding a good dollop of thousand island dressing/mustard and some swiss cheese and toasting it just so the cheese melts. A New York classic, something I have not enjoyed properly since my last trip to New York over 10 years ago.I was apprehensive to even take on such a combination, it felt like betrayal using a croissant instead of the sourness of rye bread. Despite this when I went to the shops the ingredients magically dropped into my cart as I made my way round.After getting home and realising that I didn’t have mustard or thousand dressing (not something I ever buy normally so not surprised I forgot) it became what will now be known in our house as a makeshift reuben.Its best to use slightly stale croissants partly for holding the weight of the filling and partly because the sauerkraut will leak a bit and counteracts the dryness.I adapted the thousand island dressing by mixing tomato paste and salad cream and layered up the croissant, it looked quite convincing (sorry no pictures) but it bothered me that there was no rye. My friend inhaled it declaring at the end ‘not half bad’. I chickened out and used normal wholemeal bread, it was delicious but I did feel like my jewish nanna was looking over my shoulder scolding me for not doing it properly….For this recipe you will need:1 croissant per person2 strips of pastrami per person1 tbsp of sauerkraut per personcheddar cheese if desired2 – 3 tbsp of salad cream2 tbsp of tomato pasteMix the salad cream and tomato paste together and set aside.layer the pastrami, sauerkraut and cheese inside the croissant and drizzle the dressing over the top. At this point feel free to try it out on the toaster but this is an unknown quantity for me.
Source: A Makeshift Reuben

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