House Hash at The Retreat

I always think of ‘house hash’ as an American dish but we of course have similar in British recipes ‘bubble and squeak’ comes to mind.A quick lunch (after a failed attempt at the local vegetarian restaurant which was full already) in The Retreat in Ilminster, Somerset (UK) had my father and I both opted for the house hash. The bold combination of ingredients was one I had not seen before. Sauté potatoes with bacon, broad beans, samphire topped with a poached duck egg on top. We eagerly awaited it’s arrival, it did not disappoint. The egg might have been cooked just a little bit more for my taste but otherwise a flawless dish.It got me thinking about the traditional recipes, corned beef hash and other classic dishes. What’s yours favourite combination? Share in the comments below I’m always intrigued to dish new recipes!
Source: House Hash at The Retreat

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