Frugal Recipes for the Unispired

Firstly please feel free to comment your thoughts on this!Some of us live a life of luxury, some of us live beyond our means and some of us live frugally. The definition of frugal is ‘simple and plain and costing little’. With this in mind, I recently discovered the Instagram chef @miguelbarclay who has written a book called One Pound Meals. This contains recipes for dishes which cost £1 a portion, this intrigued me, obviously if you were cooking for more than one you simply multiply the ingredients by the number of people eating.There have been many projects aimed at eating on a very low budget, I think the lowest i’ve heard of is £1 a day, it is possible to do but if i’m honest the real struggle is for the people who have to. I am in a very fortunate position that I do not have to be that restricted, having said that it is possible with some careful planning to eat well on such a budget, but it requires care and effort. Not for the busy you say? Personally I dont believe there should be an excuse of i’m too busy to eat, your body needs nourishing, if you want it performing well and firing on all cylinders then fuel it with some awesome food!Reading through it there are so many recipes to try, some classics and even some new ideas for me to try. In my personal opinion I would recommend buying a slow cooker or ‘crockpot’, for several reasons but mainly because it will solve your chilli/ragu problems for ever. Advice from a 2nd generation Italian told me that your ragu needs at least 4 hours cooking if not longer, so my answer is the slow cooker – no leaving the cooker or oven on just plug it in and go. This goes for both meat and vegetarian versions, I find the tomatoes respond much better to the slow cooking process and become rich and thick.The subject of the ‘One Pound Meal’ was also discussed in The Times with reference to gourmet dishes, now this is where it gets a little tricky for me, the quality of some of the ingredients recommended are not necessarily what I would choose, but I understand that they have been chosen with the price of the dish in mind. I have every intention of trying those recipes but possibly with slightly different ingredients, as he said in the book he spent time taking ingredients away from a dish to make it simpler and cheaper. There is no reason for anyone not to enjoy adapting and experimenting with the recipes and ingredients in this book further to their own personal tastes. Link to @onepoundmeals Instagram here
Source: Frugal Recipes for the Unispired

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