Baking with Coconut Flour

Ive heard a lot about coconut flour over the past few months, heralded as the latest gluten-free option. Living in a small town in the Westcountry, UK such things take time to be available in the shops for us. When in my local Home Sense I spotted some in the food aisle purely by chance. I grabbed it and brought it home, I put it in the baking cupboard and temporarily forgot about it.┬áThis week I decided I had to do something with it (not because of the expiry date but because i’d been looking forward to trying it out.Bemused at what to make I studied the back of the packet for some inspiration, there was a simple loaf recipe, so with some adaption of the recipe (I was one egg short and frankly thought it needed some dried fruit adding at least). Having melted the coconut oil I realised that despite my carefulness it was still quite warm, sticking it in the fridge for 10 minutes should do the trick – or so I thought (not quite). Adding the coconut oil to the eggs I was slightly apprehensive of the results but quickly brought the mixture together and put it in the loaf tin. Safe to say it took no time at all to cook and there wasn’t too much rise on it. Having said that it kinda tastes like a giant macaroon which is pretty cool :-)There was a minor dropping incident which means I didn’t take an after photo….Just means I will have to make another.
Source: Baking with Coconut Flour

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