Waterfalls & The Sea

A trip to Exmoor National Park and Porlock was in order today. Apprehensive of the weather (its been awful this week) we were shocked and delighted by the clear blue skies whilst we were walking across Dunkery Beacon, which is one of the most breathtaking views I have seen for some time. The tiny roads which lead up to it are worth the effort.  We were greeted by the most beautiful waterfalls and array of the most stunning plant life. The rich smell of wet leaves and mud perfumed the air as we strolled down the paths trying to stay upright (it might have been very slippy to my cost but ill live!)After that it was off to Porlock Weir which is on the North Somerset Coast for lunch at ‘The Cafe at Porlock Weir’. We mooched around the village and stopped for tea at a tiny asian takeaway on the waterfront not quite where you might expect something like that to be but an amazing find. Lunch was slightly over salted – as my Nanna would say the cook was in love! It was nonetheless beautifully presented and the desserts and cheese were excellent.
Source: Waterfalls & The Sea

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