Do Daily Motivations Help?

Social media has enabled us to see different quotes/memes/pictures hourly, does this mean they are losing their effectiveness? Are the negative ones more popular? Whether we like it or not most people will share at least one every week if not everyday, so as long as you have at least 14 friends (on any given network) then you are likely to see at least one everyday. If you have lots of people who thrive on positive vibes then the likelihood is that you will see more of the positive, if not then there is a chance the negative or passive aggressive ones will shine through, are you more likely to see the negativity over the positivity or can you see past it? Sometimes the passive aggressive ones sadden me (on a downish day) but more often than not it reminds me to get rid of such negative thoughts and strive for more positive things.How do you feel when you are faced with negativity? Are you able to ignore it and move on or does it stop you in your tracks?For me it’s horrible to think that I might upset someone by posting something, which is a bit silly as you are always going to offend someone at some point. I just try and look at it as if someone was showing me, how would I feel, again probably dangerous ground as few things genuinely offend me (life is too short). One thing though is I try really hard not to post negative things, it sends all the wrong signals to other people, and could potentially rain on their parade which i’m not down with.So going back to the original question – does daily motivation work? The answer is simply yes. The longer version is projecting positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts is intrinsically linked to success and happiness. The Secret teaches us that positivity and gratefulness are the key to success. Touching briefly on gratefulness it is not always a conscious thing but to show gratitude towards things is an important part of positive outcomes.If we share or write at least one positive post/update whatever your weapon of choice the world would see what an amazing support network we all are.
Source: Do Daily Motivations Help?

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