Chai Hot Chocolate

I love chai spices, the mixture of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and pepper always comfort me. In winter the cold temperatures draw us to hot drinks, you see a plethora of different options in your local coffee shop or cafe, choosing from gingerbread lattes to spiced hot chocolate to chai lattes. Do you wish you could make these quickly and easily at home? Lets face it the practicality of going out to a coffee shop at 9pm to get a chai hot chocolate is not great not to mention the costs associated with buying such things. As a student we had a tradition of being frugal and of course found cheap ways of making our favourite treats so that even on a skint day we would have something. Using store bought hot chocolate we would make a paste with a little milk and add the hot water on top giving it a good stir to ensure that you have a fairly decent froth on top (not quite Neros but hey it was cheaper than going and getting one).Sometime last year I was in exactly that position, the desire for chai hot chocolate had risen on a Sunday night! Not practical. After giving it some thought I wondered – could I use a chai teabag to make a chai hot chocolate? I couldn’t see why this wouldn’t work it was merely a case of perfecting the technique.So I headed off to the kitchen determined that not only was this a brilliant idea but one I could share with others to inspire them, a nifty little life hack if you will.So you will need the following ingredients:~ Store bought hot chocolate of your choice (The brand is entirely up to you as both taste and budget do play a part in this)~ 2 tablespoons of Milk~ one chai teabag OR one cup of chai tea made with loose leaves, you will need to make the chai quite strong in this case for the flavours to infuse properly.~ Any toppings you might like – mini-marshmallows/cinnamon extra cocoa.Combine 4 tsp of your chosen hot chocolate with the milk, if using the teabag add this now and make sure it is incorporated into the paste. If you are using loose leaf tea then all you will need to do at this stage is add the hot chai stirring vigorously to combine.If you are using a teabag you need to add the hot water at this stage again stirring vigorously to combine and make froth.If you like you can top up with a bit of extra milk at this stage but this is optionalAdd your toppings if you are using.Settle down and enjoy! If you are wondering what the torture type looking contraption is in the picture, it is a mini hand frother – widely available. This is for the times when you don’t have a microwave (I don’t) and you still want proper frothy milk (without using hot water from the kettle) of course you could use this to make traditional milk based hot chocolate but I think it’s a little more hassle than my quick version. I hope you give it a try and enjoy, let me know your thoughts.
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