Vegan cakes – as good as 'normal' ones?

The concept of a vegan cake is a contentious one and I have witnessed many discussions in work kitchens and other places claiming that they don’t taste of anything, the texture is wrong/rubbery and I always smile to myself knowing that the carrot cake I brought in for them to try is a vegan recipe. Now I often tell them after they have tried it for two reasons one they try it without prejudice and two because the look on their faces is priceless because in their mind they have just eaten the best carrot cake ever. It tastes no different than a traditional cake which is why most people won’t believe me until I show them the recipe.All jokes aside though they are becoming more popular and readily available with most coffee shops now offering various alternative options – gluten free, vegan, dairy free and I am not averse to trying new things as and when I come across them. I was out for coffee with a friend the other day and we were wanting to share a cake, they had an excellent spread as usual but one caught our eye partly because of its frosting but also because it was coffee, walnut and cardamom vegan cake. Well we had to try it of course. It was delicious, it was more of a moist tea-bread than a cake but a very nice balance with the addition of banana to bring the cake together, it took a very pretty picture as you can see 🙂
Source: Vegan cakes – as good as ‘normal’ ones?

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